A lot has changed since California voters agreed on this groundbreaking legislation designed to keep those with more serious and violent felonies ‘in’ custody, while reducing punishments for low level offenders. Most drug possession cases are now misdemeanors. Thefts where the property is valued under $950 are straight misdemeanors, while all other thefts of property in amounts greater than $950 continue to be wobblers.

To wobble means there is possibility for a felony to wobble/become a misdemeanor if the court is satisfied that would be a reasonably lawful result. Furthermore, there is now a process for persons with qualifying prior felony convictions to petition the court to have their matters reduced to misdemeanors, whether or now jail or prison time is served. The benefits of Prop 47, however, are not applicable to those with prior convictions that continue to be strikes (Serious or violent felonies) and/or sex offenses, and other exceptions.

Allow me to help you navigate your felony to a misdemeanor. This is crucial to anyone applying for certain state licenses, and/or for those seeking higher education and better jobs, etc.

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