When you can’t even deliver a pizza. Or no one wants to see you in a swimsuit:/ But don’t YOU worry. Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, saves the day!”

The latest on this country’s great legal battles, and Roseanne tweet-eth too much?

Meghan and Harry tie the knot in wedded bliss. Attorney Josh Heaviside and I weigh-in on the ceremony, the scandal (there isn’t one), and other lesser matters.

Just when you thought France couldn’t get any weirder! And…Mr. Huxtable goes to jail?

How the Donald met Melania…and the Stormy fiasco that followed and continues to haunt us on our proverbial American Journey together.

Hawaiian luau’s were sadly interrupted due to a false incoming ballistic missile report!  And the President, who’s 236lbs and loves KFC, is healthy?  Should we all start eating Chicken McNuggets

Despite it being a federal no-no, California has legalized  Cannabis for recreational use.  Will that effect what cereal you eat in the morning?  Or who you’ll see Star Wars with?